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Upcoming Productions


The Murder Room

A hysterical and farce mystery concerning newly-weds Mavis and Edgar. Less than 24 hours after their wedding Edgar discovers that Mavis, a nasty piece of work, is being unfaithful. After her first attempt to kill him by poisoning his cocoa when the cat dies instead, Mavis resorts to shooting him and then returning to her lover. Then chaos breaks out as Mavis tries to hide the murder from family and the police, in an effort to get Edgar's money.


Shrek The Musical

Shrek The Musical is set in a fantasy world with princesses and fairytale creatures you should reconginze (Cinderella, Pinocchio, the Three Pigs, and others). We follow an ogre named Shrek, who has had his home, a swamp, over ran with mythical fairytale creatures looking for a home because they were evicted from their last home by a Lord Farquaad. So Shrek makes a deal with Farquaad to where if he gives him a princess named Fiona he will give him his swamp back. So Shrek embarks on an adventure to get the princess.


First Time I Was In The Spotlight